Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mozart Missa Brevis in D minor

Happy Winter Adult Choir!

As you know, we are going to tackle Mozart's Missa Brevis in D minor this semester.  I've put together a playlist of some good videos on YouTube that will help you learn this piece. Click here to check it out!

Because the Missa Brevis is short (it is literally translated as "short mass" and only includes the Mass Ordinary) we will have to learn something else in order to fill out a concert.  I am currently considering a few options, but haven't come to a final decision.  You can, however, expect something that will compliment Mozart for the first half of our concert.

Enjoy the videos and we'll see you back for our first rehearsal on

Tuesday, January 11, 7pm, MHC Cultural Centre!

Happy New Year!

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