Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Hello Choir Fans! The Medicine Hat College Adult Choir is excited to be preparing Alexander L'Estrange's Zimbe! this upcoming term.

Zimbe! is a brilliant fusion of traditional African song and jazz, in a format which is already drawing together singers of all ages, ability and nationalities across the globe. The music is accessible, instantly likeable and fun to learn as well as to perform.

Composer Alexander L'Estrange, himself a highly regarded jazz pianist and bass player, has chosen songs from all over Africa and arranged them wonderfully, interleaving the choral writing with the instruments of the jazz ensemble.

This is a work which forges links between adult choirs and massed children's choirs, placing singing at the heart of the community as it always has been in Africa. And, since jazz grew out of blues which itself sprang from the mouths of African people, what better accompaniment for these songs than a jazz quintet? Zimbe! is at times touching and moving, at other times funky and grooving and all of the time incredibly uplifting both for performers and audiences alike.

Check out the Zimbe! website for information on CD recordings, iTunes tracks, part learning help, and other interesting and helpful resources. Also check out the Zimbe! Facebook site.

The MHC Adult Choir is welcoming new members who are interested in singing, meeting new people, and preparing a concert of African works.  No experience is necessary, only an interest in music and a desire to work hard and enjoy the results.  If you or anyone you know is interested in joining, please contact Bradley van Middelkoop,

Rehearsals are Tuesdays from 7-9pm at the Cultural Centre and begin on January 10. Looking forward to an exciting term learning some fantastic African choral music!

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