Monday, September 2, 2013

Choir is starting!

The 2013-2014 choral season at Medicine Hat College is starting soon! All classes start the week of September 9 and are held at the Cultural Center.

Adult Choir -Tuesdays, 7-9
Girls' Choir - Wednesdays, 7-9
Children's Choir - Wednesdays 5:45-6:45

See you singing soon!


  1. Not to sound too grumpy, but I hope Brad is seeing a substantial portion of the 39.25% increase in the tuition fee... He's certainly worth it.

    Anyway, looking forward to another great year of singing. Hope we don't lose anyone because of the cost.

  2. Above comment applies to the Adult Concert Choir. I don't know what the costs are for the Girls' and Children's Choirs.