Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Maybe next time!

Alexander L'Estrange wrote us back:

Dear Bradley - what a nice email to receive!  

Thank you for the invitation. With a bit more notice, I would have loved to have come!  I have only ever been to Montreal (where my good friend and ex-Swingle Singer Andy Gray runs the Montreal Children's Choir) in Canada and would love to come to Alberta one day (please ask again!).  However, it is my 40th birthday on April 7th and we have lots of celebrations, visitors and events all of that week and weekend - what a shame!  Maybe one day in the future I could come out and do some workshops or performances with you?

Brilliant that it's the N-American premiere - I hope it goes wonderfully.  If you'd like me to pen a few words for the programme or anything like that (feel free to prompt me!), just ask, won't you?  Also, if you've got any good links, photos, blogs or anything that I can tweet or blog about to spread the love, do let me know.

Very best wishes for now,


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  1. Perhaps we could suggest a theme for one of his future compositions? He's done a brilliant job of adapting Shakespeare in "Full Fathom Five". Thanks for sharing this.